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Our scientific expertise



Regulation in the Pharmaceutical Industry is increasingly important.


Ellion's consultants assist you to reach GXP standards compliance which is essential to ensure that products are manufactured with a safe and consistent process.

- QA operations

- QA system

- QA validation

- GXP compliance

- Sterility assurance 


Qualification & Validation

Commissioning, qualification and validation are extremely critical in pharmaceutical processes to meet GXP guidelines.

Let our consultants bring you the necessary expertise to manage your production equipments' life cycle.

- Equipment validation

- Process validation


- Cleaning validation

- Commissioning

- Decommissioning  



Manufacturing in the Life Sciences industry has changed drastically over the past few years, and bigger evolutions are yet to come. 

Improving productivity by integrating new technologies is the new challenge, and Ellion's team is your preferred partner in this ever changing industrial context. 


- Industry 4.0

- Process automation

- Production supervision

- Deviation and CAPA 



The industry is facing an increase in quality control strictness. Data integrity, computerized system and digitalization are becoming a must to implement.

Our team support you in facing those new challenges from analytical methods development to samples analysis processes:

- Analytical development

- Validation of methods analytics

- Analytical transfer

- QC activities

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