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Artificial Intelligence 


Ellion is taking huge steps in the 4th quarter of 2021, as the company has shook hands with Sagacify, an Artificial Intelligence firm, to support the digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry. 

Ellion is partnering up with Sagacify to provide meaningful growth for Pharma companies, helping them improve their business model via Artificial Intelligence. The partnership looks very promising thanks to AI expertise from Sagacify combined with Ellion’s long lasting experience in the pharma industry. Our partnership has definitely high potential to bring never-before-seen results to relevant organizations. 


One major point of consideration for this project is Hyperautomation, assigning repetitive operational or decision tasks to the abilities of machines, so that employees can take over more important tasks to raise efficiency and motivation. AI can also do more than automate. For example, Deep Learning, with its ability to discern patterns amid noise, can speed up drug discovery considerably. It can also assist diagnosis or optimise medical treatment processes.



Through the expertise of AI and Life Sciences, you can optimize your production processes such as analyzing the root cause of production failures, automate visual  inspection, reduce materials waste, improve production reuse, perform predictive maintenance,control industrial processes and improve safety as well.


After the pharmaceutical equipment has been manufactured and produced, it’s vital for pharma companies to do a strict quality control check and make sure nothing imperfect is being passed on as it could prove to be a fatal health concern. For this purpose too, AI can be trained to analyze any anomalies in the stock to make sure any irregular package is marked for further inspection if need be. This can save a lot of time, and prove to be much safer as well. 


Handling documents, such as tax receipts, electronic batch records, clinical trial documents, patents and a lot more, can be cumbersome to keep track of, to control or to validate in an efficient manner. All your bulk set of documents can easily be interpreted, classified, ordered and split depending on their type. Moreover, AI can also automatically extract information documents which can save a substantial amount of time from a management, regulatory and compliance perspective.


Working with Sagacify and Ellion for any pharma clients would mean that their problems won’t be dealt with in a standardized manner. Everything is catered personally to the needs of each client, which enables them to receive the most efficient innovative solution possible for their organization.

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