Meet some of the Nest's members!


Nest Developer

Camille is an entoushiast entrepeneur with severals years of experience in the Life Sciences industry. 

He is not only our hapiness officer but also responible for the recruitment of our new nest members and the development of our solid network.

He loves human interactions and will do everything he can to keep perfect work conditions. 


Paperwork champion 

With more than 15 years of entrepreneurship in small to very large companies, Lionel strongly believes in the positive synergies people can bring to each others within - and outside - the professional context. 

Pragmatic and result driven, Lionel fosters an environment of teamwork and ensures that objectives are clearly defined.


QA & QC Expert - Hapiness Officer

Aurélie joined Ellion in January 2021. With her 10 years experience mainly as consultant in the plarmaceutical field, she is plenty motivated to be part of the team. Aurélie's main work activities are QA and QC oriented. Besides it she fills up her free time with cultural and artistic activities as well as hikes in nature.  


Process expert - Career Guide

Passionate about life sciences and how technology could support Human well being, Miloud will is to positively contribute to the society.

We are lucky to be at the heart of the growing biotech valley, in Wallonia and he is convinced that Ellion's vision perfectly fits with the future needs of the life science ecosystem. 

Consequently, joining this young and promising nest was natural for him, as their values are in harmony. 

He would be very happy to discuss with you about our various projects and how could we bring value for you and your organization.


Process specialist - Knowledge spreader

Proactive (-always trying to discover new and fantastic beers for example-), eager to learn and to share his knowledge, Thibaut is a team player-oriented consultant continuously trying to challenge himself to be, at the end of the day, proud of what he brings to others.  

He wanted to be part of a team with the same mindset: working together fully transparently and respecting every individual’s choice, with a team composed of more than just colleagues in order to develop a vision and make everyone feel like heroes!  It comes as no surprise: this is Ellion’s DNA and Thibaut thus cheerfully joined the Nest.  

Do not hesitate: step in!  We are enthusiastic to share our environment where the creativity and the personalities of all of us can come out and shine!