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Pharmaverse presentation to the Belgian Higher Education Minister

Last Thursday, the Higher Education Minister Valérie Glatigny visited UCLouvain and MiiL’s installations with journalists to discover more about the projects and digital degrees dispensed. An occasion for our student Laura to present The Pharmaverse alongside our academic partners on the project.

What a month! After presenting our Pharmaverse two weeks ago to Mathieu Michel, Belgian State Secretary for Digitalization and as industries are more and more showing interest into our solution, our academic partner the MiiL invited us to the presentation of the Communication School at UCLouvain last week. This moment, dedicated to the display of projects supported by the university, allowed us to present The Pharmaverse and its stakes to Valérie Glatigny, Belgian Higher Education Minister and her team.

Communication School of UCLouvain and MiiL partner up on a regular basis to develop innovative digital solutions, by combining practical and technological expertise to theoretical research on new technologies and their added values. We proudly collaborate with them since Summer 2022 on our Pharmaverse project, and gladly met then welcomed Laura last September (first as an intern and now as a collaborator) who is currently finishing her Master degree there.

We are glad to have been able to display this project to Valérie Glatigny and taking in her opinion and vision upon the digitalization of training in an educative context. Her optimistic outcomes on the subject were truly appreciated, encouraging us to pursue our project in which students and new talents are at heart.

This day was also the occasion to demonstrate our solution to journalists, who allotted us a few minutes of time screen in the evening’s news during a report.

We are proud and happy to have been included in this presentation. Our ongoing collaboration with the MiiL (UCLouvain) is a true lever, either for our project or the development of our collaborators at Ellion, and we are glad to pursue this journey alongside people we share strong beliefs with.

Through the different presentations we had the opportunity to realize in the past few months, we are glad to step up after a year of development, and to start presenting more specifically the project to industries, in order to build together our further trainings based on their needs.


The Pharmaverse is a VR-training project born within Ellion's incubator, spurred on by Miloud Nichane. In association with the MiiL (UCLouvain), a proof of concept on bacterial fermentation was developed in late 2022. This training solution, elaborated with regards on the industry's challenges and the pharmaceutical expertise of Ellion's collaborators, was conceived alongside a learning cycle whose effects are meant to be evaluated, based on an experimental plan including a state of the art detailed by Miloud Nichane and Laura Zander, with the support of Innoviris, Aptaskil and UCLouvain.

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