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Launch of the XR Academy at Technocité

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Last evening, we had the chance to be partner of the official launch of the XR Academy, initiated by Technocité, with The Pharmaverse. This was also an opportunity to attend a roundtable in presence of Mathieu Michel, Belgian State Secretary for Digitalization.

The launch took place yesterday, on the 31st of January, in Technocité's building in Mons and allowed us to present The Pharmaverse's proof of concept and to discuss over opportunities given by Extended Reality (XR, which includes Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities) in the industrial field.

Technocité, the competence center training future professionals in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Cultural and Creative Industries, launched yesterday the XR Academy, a project promoting Belgian initiatives in the domain of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed realities by offering various trainings granting work perspectives in those subjects. This initiative also aims to act as a lever for the development of XR and videogames studios in Belgium.

In presence of Mathieu Michel, Belgian State Secretary for Digitalization, a roundtable took place in order to present various Belgian initiatives - from education to culture - in XR. Sébastien Nahon, director of the MiiL (our technical and academical partner for The Pharmaverse), delivered an inspirational speech over the added value XR initiatives can bring to the industries and the development of those projects in Belgium and beyond.

This moment was followed by a networking cocktail, during which the State Secretary for Digitalization seize the opportunity to test our proof of concept and further discuss with us about the educative opportunities virtual reality can offer for the industries, after a first introduction to our project last August.

We are tremendously grateful for this great moment and the inspiring discussions we had. Thanks to Sébastien Nahon for his renewed trust, Mathieu Michel for his time and Technocité for their proposition to partner this promising and necessary iniative!


Discover more about the XR Academy in Technocité press file.

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