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How AI Transforms the Pharmaceutical Value Chain

Ellion is partnering with Sagacify, an AI firm, to navigate the digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry.

In this day and age, AI enhances rather than competes with human endeavors. The implementation of AI and machine learning in the pharmaceutical industry presents several opportunities such as accelerate manufacturing, extract insights, and improve monitoring.

To begin with, by integrating AI into biopharma manufacturing facilities and procedures, life sciences organizations sensor data to analytics engines that deliver unique insights. Companies may utilize these data to identify quality control issues, potential bottlenecks and take proactive actions.

Moreover, AI can extract insights from massive data sets quicker which enhance the effectiveness of workflow automation and data processing, as well as turn insights into actions which will ultimately improve performance.

Finally, the use of AI technologies improves monitoring by the centralization and automation of event reporting, which can considerably accelerate the investigation process and reduce manual documentation effort.

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