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First presentation of The Pharmaverse

Updated: Feb 1

On the 13th of December 2022, industrials, academics and VR experts gathered in Louvain-la-Neuve to discover our immersive training project "The Pharmaverse".

After months of development, "The Pharmaverse" reached a whole new milestone yesterday by organizing its first private presentation in the MiiL's offices (UCLouvain), our technical and academical partner who developed the proof of concept on bacterial fermentation.

On a green screen allowing the public to visualize the clean room conceived for the project, Camille Lojou (Ellion's co-founder) presented Ellion and the MiiL. Miloud Nichane (project manager) then took the floor to present the solution, both on its immersive and learning aspects, and showed the fermentation training. Finally, a walking diner took place to end the evening on a tasty note, allowing attendees to meet and discuss.

We are glad and grateful to have shared this moment with representants from many various and interesting institutions. This was the greatest point we could achieve in 2022, after six months of thinking and design, three months of development and many - many! - hours of discussion with partners, early-users and collaborators.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, challenged us and discussed with us about this project,

those who could not come but sent us their support and thoughts,

Innoviris, who believed in our project in its early-stage and helped us fund it,

Sébastien Nahon, Salvatore Bordonaro, Jimmy De Benedetti and the MiiL for their involvement and precious advice in this adventure.

2023 will be marked by the continuous improvment of The Pharmaverse and its associated ideas. Stay tuned!


The Pharmaverse is a VR-training project born within Ellion's incubator, spurred on by Miloud Nichane. In association with the MiiL (UCLouvain), a proof of concept on bacterial fermentation was developed in late 2022. This training solution, elaborated with regards on the industry's challenges and the pharmaceutical expertise of Ellion's collaborators, was conceived alongside a learning cycle whose effects are meant to be evaluated starting in 2023, based on an experimental plan including a state of the art detailed by Miloud Nichane and Laura Zander, with the support of Aptaskil and UCLouvain.

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