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Ellion's 2022 retrospective

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

As 2022 comes to an end, we wish you a great festive season and lots of wonderful things for 2023!

We are deeply thankful for all the great things 2022 brought along:

  • The expansion of our Nest with more and more great minds and personalities. From 20 people currently, we will soon be 25! We cannot wait to meet everyone and interact together.

  • All the great moments we had during our Nest Days: two editions took place in Genappe and in Zeeland this year!

  • The numerous laughs and drinks we shared together throughout the year!

  • 20 companies asked for our collaborators’ expertise this year. Their trust is one of the biggest recognition we can get.

  • We also partnered with wonderful companies to collaborate on various projects: Essenscia, BioWin, A3P, MiiL, Innoviris, UCLouvain and Aptaskil.

  • The premises of the launch of our Pharmaverse, which we presented last week to the public for the first time officially. This project comes from the initiative of Miloud Nichane, one of our dear Nest members, starting within our incubator and taking off thanks to the support and the trust of the MiiL, our technical partner; Innoviris, who funded the project and Essenscia, who believed in this project and allowed us to take part to their Innovation Award alongside 31 great companies last October.

We are proud of the great teamwork achieved and the initiatives taken by everyone through Holacracy, the flat-hierarchy model we are based on. We are already looking forward carrying on those projects with each one of you in 2023!

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